Why choose Nobel BioCare and Alpha Bio Dental Implants?

Dental implants serve as the most effective and permanent solution for missing teeth. With the establishment of dental implants as a standard procedure in dentistry, in recent times, various dental implant companies have sprung up and are flourishing.

Are all dental implant systems alike? Can a dental implant from any company provide me a long-lasting solution? We at London-Dental-Implant happen to face similar questions very frequently. The aim of this article is to help you choose the right brand of dental implants so that you achieve the desired outcome.

One must understand that all dental implant brands are not the same, hence, will not deliver similar results. As we practice customer focused ethical dentistry, we always prefer using dental implants from internationally recognised brands such as Nobel BioCare and Alpha Bio. Here are few reasons why the above-mentioned brands are different from the rest:

Designed to serve you a lifetime

Nobel BioCare and Alpha Bio dental implants are both manufactured in a way that it can be a permanent solution and not fail a few years down the line. Right from the material used in production to the design of the implant, every minute detail is carefully planned and devised to meet the quality standards of international recognition and to bear the load of chewing forces without giving in.

Tried and Tested Scientifically

Dental implants from Nobel BioCare and Alpha Bio have strong scientific documentation developed after over 30 years of extensive research, development and continuous innovation. Besides this, there is extensive scientific literature supporting the high success rates that these dental implants have delivered. New brands of dental implants cannot match the scientific backup of pioneer dental implant companies.

High quality and precision

One of the reasons that have made Nobel BioCare and Alpha Bio the pioneers in implant technology is the superior quality and precision that these dental implants offer. Careful selection of materials is involved during the manufacturing of these dental implants so that there is no compromise in essential properties like biocompatibility, longevity or strength.

Worldwide Acceptance

These companies offer dental implants in different designs to suit for individual patient needs. As they are globally accepted and trusted by clinicians, one can receive similar care and professional assistance, should a need arise, in any country worldwide.

One of the most common reasons for patients not selecting superior dental implants is because these may initially appear expensive. Considering dental implants as an investment for achieving good oral health and great quality of life may change that perspective. Dental implants should be regarded as once-in-a-lifetime procedure. This is because an implant placement should be performed with adequate planning and accuracy by experienced implant specialists and surgeons.

If you are thinking of going for an inferior alternative for the sake of saving on expenses, your implants may not last as long as expected. Then you may be left with options like removable dentures or removal and re-insertion of dental implants (if possible). Redoing dental implants is never a great idea as both you and your jawbone must pay a heavy price for correcting a failed restoration. Therefore choose the best and leave the rest to our London-Dental-Implant specialists!

If you have any questions about dental implants, please contact us and we'll be happy to answer all your questions!