How can British Hungarian Medical Service help you?

British Hungarian Medical Service opened its clinic in Budapest in 2005. Since then we have treated thousands of dental tourists from the UK and Ireland.

Dental implant surgery is one of the most expensive dental treatments. Many people in the UK didn't want to pay the sky-high prices that most UK dentists charge and looked for an affordable alternative. The affordable prices, highly trained dentists and frequent, low-cost flights has made Hungary one of the most popular destinations among dental tourists.

Those Hungarian clinics that have been treating UK patients for a long time have became highly experienced even in the most complex procedures, as many UK patients needing a full mouth restoration, full upper or lower jaw restoration or bone grafting / sinus lift have been treated by such Hungarian clinics.

Budapest Clinic | BHMS

Our clinic was one of the first Hungarian surgery to offer its services to UK patients. During the last 18 years we have seen and treated a number of really complex cases, Dr. Attila Halasz, our specialist oral surgeon and implantologist has been with us since the very beginning. He is a GDC registered oral surgeon specialist and member of the European Board of Oro-Maxillofacial Surgery.

Planning your dental travel

Finding the right overseas dental clinic is just one part of the problem, you'll also need to handle a number of other things such as:

  • finding an accommodation
  • booking a flight
  • getting transfers from the airport to the hotel
  • getting from your hotel to the clinic and back etc

We have dedicated patient coordinators in Budapest, they have helped thousands of people like you to plan their dental travel. We have several partner hotels in Budapest who are highly experienced with the special needs of dental tourists. We also offer transfer packs between the airport, your hotel and the clinic.

Budapest Clinic | BHMS

What happens during a consultation with us?

As soon as we reach our goal - our patient co-ordinator in London will arrange an appointment with you in our London clinic (TBA soon). Our dentists will conduct a full and thorough examination and the team will provide you with a comprehensive written treatment plan with options, when appropriate, for both London and Budapest, with clear and transparent information. In the meantime, our Budapest Customer Care Team is at your disposal with any questions related to both travel and treatments.

If the patient accepts our proposal, treatment usually begins in London.  This is usually tooth extractions, denture fittings, hygiene treatment. For such smaller treatment, it's not economical to travel abroad.

Once you are ready for the implant surgery, we'll help you to plan your visit to Hungary and the implants will be placed in our Budapest clinic, where prices are more affordable than in the UK.

After the surgery is done, any aftercare or yearly check-ups are carried out at our London practice, no need to travel for that.

This is a typical treatment progress in the future:

  • initial consultation in London - no need to travel
  • smaller treatments required before the surgery are done in London - saving time and money
  • implant surgery & dental crowns carried out in Budapest - saving money
  • aftercare in London - no need to travel
  • yearly check-ups in London - no need to travel

Budapest Clinic | BHMS

Frequenty asked questions

How do I decide which treatments are done in Budapest and in London?
At every step of your treatment, we'll provide a quote for you for both in Budapest and in London then you can decide where you'd prefer to get the treatment and what is more cost effective for you. When the savings in Budapest are considerable, people usually prefer to travel however, sometimes it's just not economical to travel, in that case we can treat you in London.

What happens if there is a problem?
That's an important factor to consider when going abroad for dental treatment. You can call our patient co-ordinator in London and they will give you an emergency appointment.

What are the most common treatment done in Budapest?
You can save thousand of pounds on multiple implant surgery, full mouth or full jaw restorations, all-on-4 dental implants and smile makeovers. These are usually done in Budapest. We also have patients who need dental crowns. Depending on the number of crowns, savings can be considerable.