Hello Csilla
I just wanted to extend a personal 'thank you' to yourself and your team and especially Dr. Gyovai for the quality of skill and care given to me for my recent dental treatment.
I am very pleased with the results and the improvement in my chewing ability and bite alignment which had become a very uncomfortable problem for me.
The results are so natural that no one has detected that I have had any dental treatment, and all those who are shown are very impressed. Already five people have asked for your clinic's details to enquire about treatment for themselves!
Thanks again for the professionalism, sensitivity and the attention to personal detail by all your staff in London and Budapest...even the taxi drivers!. I look forward to recommending more people to London Dental Implant.
See you again at my annual check up!
All the best,
 Brad Hepburn


Hi Csilla,
Just a bit of feedback on Budapest.
The driver was very good, funny, had excellent English and was always very punctual and a mine of information.
The Opera Garden Hotel was absolutely immaculate and very comfortable and as quiet as a church with a extensive choice for every taste (and ability to eat). The staff were discreet and totally understanding.
My Dentist was a Wizard, with a very compassionate nature and understanding. A pleasure to deal with in such strained circumstances for me. My extractions he described as "difficult" as I was in the chair for over a hour. All I could remember is tearing and pulling pain for a few seconds. I can't clearly remember what he said to me yesterday but I think he drained each sinus (did he go in through the roof of my mouth as I can feel stitches with my tongue) and said crowns only on the bottom should be possible but I need to send him a CT scan in 6 months time. He told me not to put my new denture in until I go back to work on Monday the have my local Dentist adjust it for a good fit as Budapest is rather far to travel for 10 mins work! I understand completely though why he had to buff down one of the 14 teeth I don't know as I have to have a 14 tooth bridge later on.
Budapest is a truly beautiful city steeped in centuries of war, conflict, beautiful music and superb architecture. I look forward to be return and to immerse myself in its culture and beautiful people - and learn from them.

Maggie and Ted

Hello Agnes,
I hope you are well.
Our trip to Budapest for the final implant treatment went really well and we are delighted with the results. Dr Zoltan and the staff at the practice were excellent and we were grateful that we were able to have the implant fitting in time to catch the flight back! As before everything went like clockwork and the time at the hotel was perfect. We had the added bonus of good weather most of the time, and wonder why the LDI can't make transfering the good weather to UK from Hungary as part of the business plan, too!!?
As far as we are concerned we would like now to regard your practice as our Dental Practice now, if this is acceptable? I know that we need a yearly check up for the implant work, but should we need any other advice, can we assume that we can contact the practice. We are, of course, recommending you to others!
Thanking you,
Best wishes,Maggie and Ted Shevlane


Hi Bianka,
Just a short message to thank you and the rest of the BHMS team for all your help during my recent trip to Budapest for dental treatment. Everything was handled very professionally which made the visit go very smoothly and the actual treatment was of a very high standard.
Also thanks to Tibor and Adrian for a very friendly and efficient taxi service. Look forward to
seeing you again in a few months time.
Best regards,Bill Campbell


Hello Agnes & Ildiko,
let me thank you and Dr. Krisztina Zoltán especially for a wonderful job. I know I can be a trying and at times neurotic patient. I'm very happy with the results and treatment. I shall be recommending you to my friends, relatives and colleagues.
It has been excellent from day one in Battersea. By the way thank Krisztina for the Kertem bar in the middle of the park. A great bar to wile away an afternoon in the sun, with some great beer, a good book and people watching.
I cannot thank you enough, I have my teeth back!
Forever grateful, Shamir


Having just spent a glorious week in Budapest. Many thanks for a pain and stress free experience! Pam


Dear Staff at London- Dental- Implant,
My two front teeth are both currently long term temporary crowns and I had the left one replaced recently at your clinic. When doing so I had the opportunity to discuss my longer term cosmetic requirements with Dr's Gyovai and Zoltan. I had been advised by other dentists that the only way to achieve the proportions I require for my teeth would be with veneers, orthodontics and further gum surgery (I have already had gum surgery once) as well as whitening. Contrary to this, I was informed at your clinic that I am unsuitable for orthodontic treatment and was advised against gum surgery. I was, however, told that the shape I desire for my front teeth may actually be achieved by the lab technician when he produces the permanent crowns.
First of all I wish to express my gratitude for this good advice which is likely to save me a lot of headache and risk. I am so happy with the standard of care that I will be recommending your clinic to all of my friends and family from now on, including my father who needs extensive implant work in the future. I have seen many, many UK dentists but Dr Gyovai was so professional and attentive that I will be requesting him for all future work and I hope never to use another dentist as long as he is in the UK, his care, professionalism and integrity stand head and shoulders above that of any private British dentist that I have visited. Whilst I am saving money by being advised against unnecessary work, I can assure you that due to the trust and confidence inspired by Dr Gyovai, you have gained a lifelong customer and advocate for your business.
Although I have had just one single temporary crown replaced so far I have been treated with the same care and perfectionism as if I were your very best customer. Dr Zoltan was also excellent and was committed to ensuring my happiness before I left the building. Your prices, even in London, represent excellent value for money- as having visited many dentists I can tell that the methods at your clinic are more robust and thorough than those that I have previously experienced- not just at the NHS dentist, but at the private dentists as well.
HW – May 2011


Hi Agnes.
A Happy New Year to you and all your colleagues.
Following my recent treatment in Budapest you and your associates may be interested or amused by my experience back in October.
I was in Budapest for 12 days for the final stages of my treatment (implant-retained partial denture).
As I am sure you are aware, travel on the metro and all public transport in Budapest is free if you are an EU national and aged 65 or over. Whilst I was there I used the metro every day. The entrances and exits are manned by groups of forbidding-looking ticket inspectors. Not once was I challenged on the first 11 days. However, on the 12th. day, equipped with my new teeth, as soon as I entered the metro station 'Opera', a gruff voice demanded: 'Ticket!'. I produced my passport as evidence of my entitlement of free transport and he said 'OK'.
The conclusion to be drawn is that up until then I had looked my age but with my new teeth I was apparently much younger.
Many thanks for my new-found youth!
Best regards,Alan Dunn


Thank you Agnes!
Please thank Dr. Toth once again, for her dedication in getting my crowns an absolutely 'spot on' colour. I am SO pleased with them!
I feel so fortunate to have had Dr. Toth as my dentist. I cannot speak too highly of her.
Thanks again, Agnes.
Kindest regards,Doreen


Dear Agnes,
My recent trip to Budapest went very well and Drs Balasz and Govai seemed happy with the Phase 1 of my treatment.  I had three implants fitted with a sinus lift in one case, but I didn’t need a bone graft, so it was relatively straightforward.  Once I’d had the anaesthetic the treatment wasn’t painful at all and I was kept informed throughout the process.  Everyone at the clinic was friendly and professional and I thought everything ran very smoothly.  I even managed to return to London before the snow affected the transport systems (although there was a tube strike on the evening I got back)!
The Opera Garden was a great choice of hotel.  The location was good and the facilities were excellent for the price.  Although I was taking it easy after the surgery, I enjoyed some interesting walks around the city and managed to take a few photographs and see an exhibition at the Museum Fine Art.
As a vegetarian, also avoiding dairy and eggs as advised, it was useful to have a kitchen in the hotel room. I bought food at a local supermarket and cooked most of my meals. I also found one or two vegetarian/vegan cafés, so I was fine.  I was impressed that the hotel also included a few meals “recommended for dental patients” on its room service menu (You obviously have a strong relationship with them!)
Thanks again to you and everyone involved in London and Budapest.  From my point of view, it's so far, so good!Neil


Hello Maria,
A brief email to thank Dr Gyovai for the brilliant work he did on the implants. I have had no problems at all following completion of the work, they feel comfortable and natural. I am so glad I got it done - I felt like a freak with the large denture beforehand. My wife asked in the taxi to the airport would I go through it all again and unhesitantly my answer was yes. You can tell him he changes people's lives, does he appreciate how much I wonder? Again many thanks to him. My neighbour's sister (I think she lives in Germany) may have arranged an appointment with your clinic following my recommendation.
I had no infection in the filling (upper right) which my dentist has looked at. By the way he was most impressed with the quality of the implants and the work.
I will be back to the clinic next year for the checkup but will wait until maybe May/June when the weather is warmer (so cold in March) and Budapest is a bit more lively.
Regards.Dominic M.


"Dear Maria Horváth and all at the clinic,
I continue to be very pleased with my new teeth. My friends have commented on how lovely they are and how they have changed the structure of my face. My sister-in-law is very interested. I gave her one of my appointment cards with your telephone number and address. She intends making contact with you. Have you cards that I could distribute to people. If so, please send them to me. Look forward to seeing you in June 2010. I hope to have my teeth cleaned in London. Thank you to you all for your care and attention. Wishing you all well."
 With kind regards, Maura M.