"I am fine thank you. I was bad the first day, but that was just drowsiness due to the anaesthetic. I had 2 pain killers the first day and then stopped taking them as I didn't really have any pain. The services provided by the clinic were exceptional. I had the surgery completed on Monday and on Tuesday I went to the schechnyi (sorry about the spelling) pool and also matthias's church and the fishermans bastion. Wednesday I had a tattoo and did some shopping. I spent Thursday and Friday eating goulash, drinking the local wine and watching the very beautiful Hungarian girls walking past the bar. I have no complaints whatsoever and could not have wished for a better service. Also I would like to thank you for the guide book you arranged it was invaluable."Kind Regards, Mike Hughes


We were really impressed by everything - the apartment was good, the dental surgery was excellent, and all the transport was waiting for us each time we went out of the apartment, so even better than on time! Everyone was so kind and helpful - thank you very much for sorting everything out. Kathrine Kingdon


This is just to say that the implant treatment went really well. It was just one day of discomfort and a couple of days taking it easy(ish) and then I felt fine.
The apartment was lovely with a very comfortable bed and we would be delighted to stay there again.
Well, once again thank you, Elvira, for your help and encouragement. We were very impressed with the surgery. Best wishes, Jan Sterne


The consultation at the clinic was fine, very informative, and the people who transported us were all really friendly and made us feel very welcome. We also enjoyed visiting the city. Thanks especially to you for being available on the phone even late in the evening.


Everything is fine with my teeth and I am very pleased with all of the work done. I did personally thank the dentists and all of the staff and completed a questionnaire of my experiences. I would be more than happy to act as a reference point if needed.
 Best Wishes, Brian Higgins

G Mitton

Hi Timea,
Thank you for your Email.
Indeed - I have just completed stage 2 of my treatment. I am on the opinion that your team works to a very high standard, are very caring and considers the needs of their patients. Given that most of us are visiting from England and are we are made to feel very welcome and safe which is obviously very important.
My Sutures were stubborn, refusing to dissolve (I'm sure that was what was supposed to have happened). My colleague took them out for me last week as every thing looked fine. My colleagues and I were impressed (we're a very close team of mental health nurses and they all needed to look) what a neat job Dr Bartofi has performed.
After my treatment 7.05.07 Andrea contacted me regularly to check if I was okay. She told me that if I had a problem to contact her. I did not require this but felt that I would have been given that support if needed I would like to thank your staff that Taxi me around during my stay in Budapest. It is nice to see pleasant familiar faces when you arrive.
As you are aware (thanks for sorting out my booking for the last visit by the way) I have stayed at the Thermal Hotel once again. What can I say? Great hotel, Great staff, Great Island, Great food if I could eat most of it. My long term goal is to eat loads of it after my dental work is finally completed in January. Generally I would say the Thermal is great value for Money, especially with your discount. I spoke to someone who told me a male had had treatment and stayed in an apartment. He apparently felt very alone because of this. I must say I had thought of the apartment option however decided against this after some consideration. If problems did occur the hotel staff is at hand to offer advice
And now for Budapest. The last place on earth I thought I would visit. I hadn't really heard of it. What a fantastic Place. During this visit I had chance to explore a very small section of the city. Isn't it beautiful? I'm Hoping that when I retire from work in a few years time I will return for a closer inspection of Budapest, I think I would prefer to live there as opposed to here. (Why you live in England is beyond me) May I just add that on this visit to Budapest I met a lovely Hungarian Gentleman who had worked for so many years in a hospital (where I have also worked) 12 miles from my home here in England. Wow what a coincidence!
I have now met 7 English people who are clients of Dentist Abroad. They have all from different parts of England and all at varying stages of treatment. This is always good because I don't know about your people but we will complain about everything. However I spent most of my evenings in the hotel lounge singing your phrases along with them.
You asked about improvements to your customer service. I've been very impressed with the whole service and cannot think where you could improve. You have all been great so far. I have recommended you to my colleagues most of which have said that if they required extensive dental treatment they would consider looking to a service such as yours.
(My colleagues and I are now anxiously awaiting January to see the end result.)
Finally! A big KÖSZÖNÖM! (THX.) to all of you for everything so far.G Mitton

C Richardson

Hi Timea,
Firstly I would like to say a big thank you to you and counterpart Andrea in Budapest for your help and advice
I can't fault the standard of treatment and care that I received whilst in Budapest and my choice to stay at the Danubius Thermal Spa Hotel proved to be a good one.
I did have apprehensions about traveling out to another country in order to obtain Dental treatment but you and the team took away the Transport to and from the Clinic worries regards accommodation, , hotel reservations etc which made the whole experience stress free and would be happy to recommend you to anyone requiring treatment
I spoke to Mr Dave Baker who lives locally who had just returned prior to my visit and he reassured that I was going to be ok and that he had his Exam at the Danubius Thermal Spa Hotel and had follow up treatment somewhere in Budapest. I don't know if he had treatment through your clinic but he will be returning end of September with his wife who is also having treatment. If he was a one of your patients and you were able to syncronise the treatment dates it would be nice to have someone to travel with or talk too.
I am glad to report that I am recovering well and am still following the after treatment advice that was given to me, although resting and taking things easy seems so difficult to do sometimes.
As you are aware my four month healing period will take to the end of September before I can return to continue my treatment and I would like to know what dates you have available around this time?
I also decided to have the healing screws done in Harley Street two weeks before my return to Budapest so depending on what dates you have for the above can you arrange this as well please?
Once again thanks for your help.C Richardson

C. Davis

Dear Timea,
I was planning to write to you soon but have been very busy since going to Budapest and haven't had a chance until now.
I must say, I am very thrilled with my new teeth. I am so used to them already that I forget that they have only been mine for a week!
Looking back over my treatment, I have been very impressed indeed by Dentist Abroad. Your company has given me the chance to have treatment which I simply could not have afforded in the U.K. I was a little nervous about having the treatment because of very strong advice from my own dentist against having it carried out in Eastern Europe. However, the fact that you have a base and a clinic in the U.K., and seeing the high standard of your dentists , the surgery and their equipment, gave me confidence. Any concerns I had were quickly attended to by you, and were quickly explained and resolved.
I was very impressed by the friendliness and helpfulness of Andrea, the other office staff and the drivers. Andrea seems so busy and efficient, and speaks English better than most English people, yet also made time to smile and have a friendly word and put us patients at our ease. Your drivers were always present on time to pick us up at the airport or at our accommodation, and we particularly enjoyed being driven by Adam who is excellent company during the journeys. We were also impressed by Ildiko who gave much valuable oral and written advice about recovery and oral hygiene after the initial treatment.
With regard to the overall service, we valued extremely highly being transported between the airport, the accommodation and the surgery. It is so reassuring to know that this aspect is taken care of when arriving in a country for the first time with no knowledge of the language, and with one's mind on the forthcoming surgery. Similarly, the arrangement with the Danubius Hotel was excellent. We loved staying there and couldn't think of a more pleasant place to stay for the first time, especially set, as it was, on Margit Island.
We also loved our apartment in Kiraly Ut. It was modern, clean and comfortable and well placed for being able to walk to most of Budapest's sights, the metro, the shops and especially the excellent restaurants in Liszt Ferenc Ter.
As you know, there were some problems with communication regarding the treatment and the number of visits required. The initial treatment plan I had been given before the first visit was that the treatment would be carried out during two 5 day visits. The first visit was for the implants (which we understood would have healing screws inserted) and impressions, and, 5 days later, I would be fitted with a temporary denture. The second visit was for impressions and, 5 days later, fitting of the crowns. After my treatment during my first visit I was, again, told verbally and given a treatment plan both of which stated that I only needed to return for a second 5 day visit to complete the treatment. There was no mention of an additional one day visit to have healing screws fitted.
If the mistake with the treatment plan had not happened, and if I had been told what might happen if I delayed returning for the next session of treatment, things would have been perfect, but these problems should not detract from the fact that, overall, I am exceptionally satisfied with the treatment and with the arrangements by Dentist Abroad, and I'm very very happy with my teeth. I'm also delighted that the experience has introduced us to Budapest, which we enjoyed visiting so much that we are already planning a return visit next year.
My thanks to you personally, and to Viktoria, for all your attention, help and advice over the last year.
RegardsC Davis


Hi Timea,
Thank you for your e-mail.
I was going to contact you in the next few days to let you know how I got on but you beat me to it!!!!
Well I am back with 7 implants, 2 Bridges of 3 teeth and 3 crowns. Having had no teeth in these positions for the last 15-20 years I am slowly getting used to them being in my mouth and actually using them.
From first contacting you last year and 4 trips to Budapest, to have reached this point has been quite amazing.
Firstly you Timea who is my UK contact.
You took control of the situation from me sending you my panorex x-ray to organising my treatment plan, appointments, airport and hotel pickups, and accommodation in Budapest. Your recommendation of accommodation was fantastic. It made our stay in Budapest all the better.
Your efficiency has been absolutely first class and superb.
My implant surgery and sinus lift by Dr Bela Bartorfi and his superb assistants went fantastically well bearing in mind my nervousness!!!!!!!!!
My 3 follow up appointments were just as amazing.
The airport and hotel pickups, the accommodation and the appointments have all been carried out superbly and efficiently.
Now for Dr. Balazs Gyovai who carried out all the necessary restorative work after the surgery.
His patience and that of his assistants was absolutely fantastic.
He made sure that I was always OK, and that the abutements and impressions were exactly as they should be.
Let me summarise.
I have no hesitation in recommending you and your organisation.
I also offer if you require personal recommendation to please let any future patients contact me and I will tell them of my experience.
Best wishes,Sefton Druce

P Harding

Hello Timea,
Thank you for giving me this opportunity to comment on my experiences during my three visits to Hungary.
Personally I was treated by all your staff in a fantastic, friendly and professional manner. The work carried out was first class and to be honest, better than I expected.
Apart from the obvious bouts of discomfort that come with major dental treatment, it all proceeded like clockwork. A testament to the hard work all the staff in Hungary put into making the patient their number one priority.
I was pleased with all aspects of the work right down to the pleasant transfers to and from the airport.
One point that I should mention, not that it was a problem to me, just a comment that may help. The relaxed dressed down attire/dress that is worn by the administration staff gives an impression that the service supplied may not be as professional is it obviously is. I think most of the British patients have a expectancy to see nurses (in whites) attending them at reception.
This to me did not effect the total professionalism of the team. In fact it made me more relaxed about my treatment.
Thank you again for giving me back my smile and confidence.
Regards,P Harding

J Carter

Hi Timea
WOW! Lovely to hear from you.
The service I received at your clinic was superb. The staff were friendly & professional you were so right about them making us welcome.
I thought I would die from fear & I could not even hold the paper cup of water I was shaking so much, but the Dentist understood & he made sure I was pain free & kept me informed as he went along with all the procedures. He was absolutely fantastic.
The pick ups from the Airport & Hotel is such a good idea, it takes a lot of the worry out of travelling abroad & being late & not knowing where to go, I may even make the next trip alone, as this trip went so well. Your E Mail telling us all about Hungary was such a good help & made us feel really cared for.
The hotel was very nice and understood I needed ice for a pack, to keep the swelling down, the bartender brought a few glasses full of ice to the room, without even a question or a charge. Wonderful service.
My only thoughts would be to tell patients if they are undergoing implants, is to take with them, some camomile tea & some calcium tablets as these are part of the first 7 days recommendations & it would be easier to take along with you, rather than go out to find them if you have a swollen face.
I have recommend you & your clinic to four people at work already & they will contact you, so that must tell you that I am a pleased & happy patient. I can't wait until my next trip to get my "real " teeth and take out this horrid plate, but I know it will be worth while in the end.
If I can help put any ones mind at rest before they make the trip, I will be very pleased to talk to them.
Many thanks Timea, you were the start of really professional , kind & understanding service.
CheersJ Carter

S Whiting

Hi Timea,
Just wanted to let you know how well my visit to the clinic went.
Dr Batorfi was really kind and put me at ease and I felt really safe in his care.
I was very bruised and sore but it was worth it and I am so glad that I went back to the clinic. The service was excellent and the staff were very kind and helpful. Esspecially Maria because I phoned her a few times on the emergency phone number about any worries that I had and she was very nice and reasuring with me and did not mind at all about me ringing her.
I would also like to say a big thank you to you for all your help in the last few months and look forward to my visit in 8 months for my new teeth putting in.
Will you be contacting me nearer the time to arrange the next visit?
Thanks again to all of you and I would definately recommed the clinic to anyone.
Ps: I visited my own dentist today and he said it was a really neat job that Dr Batorfi had done and he was very happy with it.
Best WishesS Whiting