Hi Timea,
Thank you for your e-mail regarding your Harley Street consultation facility.
I just wanted to confirm that I have had the first phase of the dental treatment plan completed at Dr Batorfi's clinic in Budapest on 4th July and the results so far are excellent. (...)
In terms of feedback to you from my recent visit, I would like to put on record the following:
* The service and coordination of everything by yourself, from my initial internet enquiry onwards, was superb. (Treatment plan, estimates, hotel bookings, airport transfers etc.) Thank you!
* The skill, professionalism and dedication of the three dentists who carried out the 10 hours of treatment was outstanding and fantastic value for money. (...)
* The entire visit was made especially enjoyable by the attentiveness of Ildiko and her daughter (Metta?) whose hospitality and scheduling of transfers to and from the hotel were faultless. (They work extremely long and unsocial hours and deserve my thanks and recognition for how welcome they make patients feel in Budapest)
* Despite some initial apprehensions about having quite extensive reconstructive dental work carried out elsewhere in Europe, the whole treatment (3 x extractions, 3 x implants, 13 x porcelain crowns and zoom whitening, was completely painless)
In conclusion, I honestly believe that this is the best L4,800 investment I have ever made, particularly considering the "rip-off" prices that UK Dentists charge and the brilliant results that Dr Batorfi's team have produced. (...)
Thanks again
Best Wishes,Russell


From the first time that I made contact with I was thoroughly impressed with the whole organisation.
The initial contact was a phone call to the London office and I found that the office manager was a mine of information. She answered all my questions as fully as I could possibly have hoped. She was always very friendly and helpful and whenever I had a question she never failed to supply an answer.
After deciding to go ahead, with the venture of having implants fitted, it was very easy to arrange flights and accommodation. Any difficulties and the London office offered to do it all for me. They would supply a choice of flights and places to stay in Budapest. Having chosen the when and where everything seemed to be so organised. I was met at the airport on arrival and taken to a first class hotel. Appointments were made and transport was provided on every occasion.
There was never any waiting as the cars were on time and as soon as I arrived to the surgery I was shown straight in. I must also say that the drivers must have been chosen, not only for their driving skills, but their friendliness and knowledge of Budapest as well.
The surgery proved to the model of a modern invention. All of the equipment was at the latest design. It wasn't just for show either as throughout each session the efficiency and expertise, of all the staff was constantly being demonstrated as each machine was in frequent use. I do believe that the computerised system, that was being used, was second to none.
Dr Batorfi, from the very first moment, gave the impression of being extremely competent and professional. He always explained, in full detail, what he was going to do and answered any questions with the same thoughtfulness.
The treatments themselves were quite surprising as they appeared to pass quite quickly. Even the sessions that were quite long in actual time went so smoothly that it hardly seemed any time had passed before the session was over.
During each period of surgery I was also conscious of the staff that was assisting Dr Batorfi and I was certainly aware of what an efficient team they were. Hardly any instructions were needed as each person seemed to know what to do in advance. It certainly gave me the feeling throughout that I was in safe hands.
In conclusion I can honestly say that a person would have to search a long time before finding anywhere to compare with Dr Batorfi's clinic. When I also add the fact that the whole treatment cost me only a fraction of the UK price. I am very pleased that I made Dr Batorfi my first choice.Pat Smith


I hope this email finds you well and happy and enjoying a beautiful spring in London.
I just wanted to write to you and everyone and tell you that my new teeth are a big hit here in the US – despite my massive anxieties when I was in Budapest, everything is better than fine – it is magnificent.
And, as I had suspected, it helped me also with my singing – I have never sung better than I sang on the concert I did on 19 March after my return, and I know that having the dental repair has freed my entire muscle structure around the mouth and set me free to sing with greater abandon.
I just wanted to let you know that.
Again, thank you so much for everything that you did, and thank everyone for me.Susan Sevier, Washington


Just been back a week now from Budapest and want to go on record to say what wonderful work you all do.
When I first explored the possibility of travelling abroad from Ireland to get the Bridgework done , there were a couple of other companies who were getting a lot of name checks in the press and featuring prominently in net searches, but I thank the day I happened upon DentistAbroad
From my initial enquiry, Timea dealt with everything in a speedy, efficient manner and nothing appeared to be too much trouble. I passed my sister on to you... and she too marvelled at the quality of service. I was not surprised then when a 'Hungarian whirlwind' picked us up at the airport on a very snowy Sunday night!
Ildiko was to be my driver and all-round 'good-thing' for my week long stay. She made light of the weather conditions and got us to our thermal Hotel which was to be home for the week. The hotel was fine, lovely and warm, and most of all wonderful spa facilities, much of it included in the very competitive rate organised by yourselves.
My treatment (8 unit bridge) required 3 visits to the clinic, one for 2 hrs, the other two were a matter of minutes. I was ferried to and from by Ildiko and sometimes Zoltan and this really makes a huge difference as the clinic is a long way from the city centre but all the planning and thinking is done for you. These trips were shared by others along the way, a Scotswoman , an English man and most exotically a renowned American Opera singer!
We could not have been in better hands. The clinic is State of the art .... Surpassing any I've visited here at home. My work was carried out by Dr Tunde, a lovely lady dentist, who seems to have the ability to reassure and encourage calm in her patients and kept me posted as to what was going on. She speaks English and was even sweet enough to offer some suggestions for the sightseeing itinary!
And believe you me I got my share of sightseeing in. I an absolutely delighted with the end result. The wonderful thing is how natural they look, this was something Tunde seemed to have as a real priority and appreciates we don't all want Hollywood smiles!
Budapest itself was fabulous.... And maybe looked even better in the Snow. The language of course is impossible but this is not such an issue with DentistAbroad being involved and in Ildiko (again another multilinguist) I had just the woman to give a crash course in Hungarian - or at least help me pronounce "nem sajt" or "no cheese" something you might find useful if like me you have an almost irrational dislike of Cheese!
The only downside of my trip was the fact I lost my camera on the last night there. Again Ildiko and Timea were wonderful in the efforts they made on my behalf to recover it. But no happy ending there..... my own fault totally.
But perspective has kicked in now - and it was my long awaited bridge I went for and not the photographs. I had a temporary denture for 4 yrs as I wondered WHEN I would ever afford the bridge which would restore some sort of normality. Goodbye Fixadent and Steradent!
The Batorfi clinic price was 1/3 of the Irish price and and you'll still save money while visiting this jewel of a city, steeped in history but bursting through into a new Europe. I would not hesitate to recommend the whole package to anyone looking for quality dental work.
I heard of two 'less nice' experiences had by others using one of the other Operators I had first come in contact with. However Dr Batorfi rescued those situations as well.
Feel free to use my contact details if anybody wants a reference. You might even notice a surge of interest from here in Ireland where the prices are at least UK plus a third! I'm certainly spreading the word. Koszonom! (means: Thank you)Vera Coyne Co. Mayo Ireland


I am very pleased to be asked to write something about my experiences at Dr Batorfi's clinic and team.
I have had extensive very good private dental treatment in the UK for the last 20 years. The quality of the treatment at Dr Batorfi's clinic in Budapest was of completely a similar standard in terms of hygiene, courtesy, and technical ability but;
Dr Batorfi offered treatment that I had not been offered in the UK. The cost was approximately 60% less than it would have been, in my particular case L6,000 instead of L16,000.
I needed six implants 14 crowns and five inlays which was very extensive treatment. I needed to visit Budapest three times staying in a top-class hotel, arranged by Dr Batorfi at a very good discounted rate, (I checked this for myself). I was met at the airport and always transported to and from the hotel and the clinic.
The best comment I can make is that all the gaps in my mouth that I have had to live with for years now have solid teeth and at last I can eat whatever I like.
Before I went well-meaning friends and professionals try to dissuade me; "it's a long way away," "how do you know their standards are the same as ours" none of these concerns proved to have any grounds whatsoever. I won't pretend that I didn't have doubt of my own and I certainly did a great one deal of investigation before I made up my mind but having been there and received the treatment I am now happy to confidently recommend Dr Batorfi to anyone who is considering dental treatment and particularly implants.John Rynne


Dear Team, Hope you are well. I just wanted to thank you for all the help and advise you gave me during my months of treatment. I have acheived what I thougth was not possible, to have the nearest thing to my own teeth. I am very grateful, not only to yourself but also to Dr Batorfi who without his expertise this would not have been possible. I wondered if you could pass on my thanks to him and also to the lady dentist (whose name unfortunately I cannot remember) who made such a wonderful job of whitening and refilling my bottom teeth. Once again many thanks to you all.Regards Joyce


Dear Dr. Batorfi,
Just a quick note to say thank you very much for the treatment last week. I am so glad I had my implants done by such an experienced and professional dentist like you.
Thank you also for the super books you sent with Christian. It was really nice of you.
The service you and your partners provide is excellent (great hotel, great driver, great dentistry). I shall certainly be recommending you to others.
Look forward to seeing you in a few months time,
Regards,Pratibha Surelia


Tracey Abbott recently underwent treatment in Budapest and was so impressed she decided to write us a short guide from her experiences - thank you Tracey. "...I saved over L2000 getting both necessary and purely cosmetic work done and that included 2 weekends in the lovely city of Budapest (including flights). The car service they run picks you up from the airport and takes you to the heart of Budapest and a luxurious hotel called the Thermal which apart from well appointed large rooms has excellent spa facilities. If you decided to go for any of the treatments which include mud packing and several kinds of massage you will need to book in advance . You need to leave at least 20 minutes prior to your appointments to find the medical centre and register. They work to a strict appointment system and see people every hour on the hour. The pools and spa baths are great and are open from early in the morning till 9pm at night. The breakfast is included in the room price and consists of a well stocked breakfast bar of hot and cold savouries, pastries, fruit and cereals. Its advisable to get to breakfast early as the hotel and room can get very busy after about 8.30. Room service is excellent and the food is cheap. It is very nice to sit out on the balcony and watch the Danube flow past drinking your first coffee of the day. The hotel will take most currency but its better value if you pay in the Hungarian Forint. The exchange rate is very favourable. I used the rough guide to Budapest and found that their choice of cafes and shops was great but the restaurants left a bit to be desired. Great if you want the genuine Hungarian experience but to English tastes a little odd. The public transport system is excellent but its easier to get a Budapest card that allows unlimited travel on metro, trams and trolley cars as fiddling around with the single tickets you can buy can be a little tedious. Budapest is a wonderful city to visit and there is plenty for adults and children alike to keep you busy for 1 or even 2 weeks. On the whole people are very helpful although very little english is spoken. The dentist I saw was Dr Batorfi and he has the most impressive surgery I have ever seen. The whole process was quick, almost painless and extremley efficient. I have never seen anything like it in the UK and I am extremley pleased with the results of the work he has done. For anyone who is looking to save money for work needed and is prepared to travel to do that I cannot recommend this company and dentist highly enough.Tracey Abbott MECI, FRSA Divisional Director London