Terms of Payment

If you wish to pay by cash, we accept English Sterling or Euro.

All major credit cards are accepted at our clinic: Visa, Maestro, and MasterCard. The Hungarian currency is the Forint. The clinic charges the patient's card in Hungarian Forints using the selling market rate set put by the K&H Bank rate on the day. Interbank rates may vary and this will be shown on your bank statement. Daily exchange rates apply and 4,8% charge may occur.

Important note: if paying by card, the sterling price quoted on the treatment plan will be drawn from the client's card in Hungarian Forints, so exchanged once; the credit card company will then exchange it back into Sterling. Due to the fluctuating exchange rate of the pound, the final amount charged to your card will differ from the price quoted by BHMS. On larger sums, this can sometimes be quite a significant amount. 

There is no advance payment required and payments are made after each stage of treatment is completed. This means that if clients require treatment over 2-3 visits, payments will be spread over each stage of the treatment. For payments using a credit card, please ensure that you have sufficient funds and please bring the credit card and passport with you. For crowns and bridges, a 50% deposit is required at the first appointment and the remaining 50% will be due after the crowns have been fitteattend the appointment.