Hygiene Treatment / Airflow

Airflow is a dental hygiene method using a mixture of jet water, air and sodium bicarbonate to polish and clean teeth more thoroughly than only with general cleaning and polishing.

If you want brighter, whiter and healthier teeth Airflow is the solution!

To get the best result, prior to Airflow a general hygiene treatment is required so the full session will take just over an hour!

The main aim is to help those who wish to have an amazing, clean smile, free from any food and drink stains, such as coffee, tea, red wine and nicotine.

The Airflow (combined with hygiene treatment) works with high pressure water, bicarbonate and air through a small nozzle and removes stains or trapped food between teeth as well as from the gum tissue. As a result plaque and discoloration is fully removed, teeth become whiter, gums remain thick and healthy and bad breath is tackled.

The Airflow treatment is painless, non-chemical, non-toxic and a completely non-invasive treatment.