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Multiple Implant Surgery

Multilpe implant surgery is the most popular treatment we do in our Budapest clinic. Most of our patients save at least several hundred pounds by going to our Hungarian cinic but this can also be as much as several thousands of pounds.

Everything in our Budapest surgery is optimized for dental implants:

  • highly experienced implantologists who undersatand even in the most complex cases
  • state-of-the-art surgical equipment to make the implant procedure as safe and pain-free as possible
  • experienced patient co-ordinators who will help you during your entire stay in Budapest

1. Initial consultation & treatment plan

Either call us on 0207 450 2920 or contact us online to schedule a consultation.

During the consultation, which takes about an hour, our dentist will carry out a through clinical oral assessment checking your general oral health, the bone quality and quantity of your jaw. Our dentist may take an X-ray and/or a CT scan of your teeth and jaw bone,and discuss your options for replacing the missing teeth and our treatment co-ordinatorswill prepare a written treatment plan based on the dentists advice.

The comprehensive treatment plan will include all procedures with prices and durations for every stage of the treatment. You'll know the prices both in London and Budapest, so you can decide where you'd like to get certain stages of the treatment.

No hidden costs, you'll know exactly what to expect!

2. Treatment before the surgery

There are some smaller treatments that need to be performed before the surgery: These are usually performed in London.

Impression for temporary denture(s)
After the implants are placed, a 3-9 months healing period is required so that the implants can integrate with the bone. During that time you'll be wearing a temporary denture.

Tooth extraction and fitting of the temporary denture(s)
We remove your decayed/damaged teeth, if you have any, and fit the temporary denture. There is a 4 month healing period after tooth extraction, so that your bone can heal before the implant surgery.

3. The implant surgery

We start with a CT scan (with optional smart guide) to make sure the bone quality and quantity is adequate. After that you'll get a hygiene treatment.

The next step is the actual implant surgery; our implantologist places the implants into your jaw bone and carries out any bone grafting, if needed. This procedure is usually done in Budapest. The more implants you need, the more you can save.

4. Post-op check

After the implant surgery there is a 3-9 months healing time before we place the final restoration on the implants (crowns, bridges, overdentures).

During the post-op checks we make sure that the healing of your bone goes well. This can be done in London.

5. Placing the final restorations

Once the implants have firmly integrated with the bone, our dentist exposes the implants and places the healing screws.

After that the final restorations, which can be crowns, bridges or overdentures, are fitted. This usually requires 3-4 appointments and can be done during one visit to Budapest.

Costs in Budapest are lower than in London, depending on the type and number of restorations you need, it's usually economical to travel to Hungary.

Frequently asked questions

How much does a multiple implant surgery cost?
This depends on the number of missing teeth, their position, bone quality and a lot of other factor.

Multiple implant surgery is a complex treatment and quotes can be given after a dentist has examined your case.

If you need more information, we are happy to have a chat with you: 0207 450 2920 or contact us online

What is the success rate of a dental implant?
We only use high quality implant brands (they are not the cheapest) to ensure the highest possible success rate. The success rate of our implants is around 98%.

Please note: we don't do same day implants (or immediate load implants),as we believe that the success rate of such implants are significantly lower.

How long does the treatment take?
From start to finish a multiple dental implant procedure can take from 6 to 12 months, depending on your general health, oral health and the treatments you need.  It can take even longer in very complex cases.

In order for the implants to be successful, your body needs time to heal after teeth extractions and before implant surgery.

How many implants do I need?
As a rule of thumb, an implant can support 1.5 teeth, so if you have three adjacent missing teeth, two implants will be able to support a three unit bridge that replaces those teeth.

If you need complete jaw restoration, we usually recommend 6-8 implants to support 12-14 teeth.

Implant supported overdentures require 4-6 implants to support the denture.

How much can I save by travelling to Budapest?
The more missing teeth you have, the greater the overall savings will be. Our patients usually save at a very minimum £1,000 on multiple implant surgery, saving between £3,000 and £6,000 are more common.

If you need a complete jaw restoration or full mouth restoration, savings can be over £10,000.

The treatment plan we give you during the initial consultation will include detailed costs, durations, healing period and choice of implants brands.

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