Precision Attached Denture

A precision attachment denture is a removable denture that contains precision attachments to lock the denture onto the natural teeth. Precision attachment dentures are made up of two components. The 'male' part is fixed to the natural teeth and the corresponding 'female' section is incorporated into the denture. Some natural teeth are needed for this solution as they form the basis for the denture to be fixed upon, so crowns will be placed onto the remaining teeth .

This is a great alternative for when patients can no longer have implants due to lack of bone.

It is a relatively quick procedure compared to implant placement and healing. The costs would also be less than implant surgery and it provides a great smile with new dental crowns and the denture to replace missing teeth. Due to the male/femal attachments, it is very secure and does not fall out. Also there is no need for a palate as in traditional dentures