Cosmetic Dentistry | BHMS

Our cosmetic dentists are experts in working together with patients to achieve that wish to improve the overall appearance of their smile by using veneers or crowns. Crooked, discoloured and uneven teeth can be transformed into beautiful, even, white, natural looking teeth in a matter of weeks.

The cosmetic dentists can use a variety of different dental materials to achieve a great smile. The choice of porcelain veneers or crowns, E-max or zirconium veneers or crowns or bonding all have a different effects and results.

Working closely with the patient and lab, following discussions and what the patient wants to achieve, the procedures can be carried out in three or four appointments.

It is important to build a great relationship with your dentist so that you both understand what the desired outcome should be and this should be achieved to everyone’s satisfaction. Whether looking for the "Hollywood Smile” or just a natural looking improvement, our dentists are will listen to you and discuss the best options for you both in value and results.

Often just replacing the front four teeth may make a huge difference. For more extreme makeovers, such as full mouth makeovers, patients may consider going to Budapest for a longer stay where the treatment will take less time (5-10 working days).