Will my treatment change?

Dentistry is not an exact science. Whilst every effort is made to give an accurate treatment plan at the time of the consultation, there are times when treatment will need to be changed i.e. a root canal treatment may be required or after tooth extraction, the bone does not regenerate and implantation is not possible. Should this happen, we will provide the patient with a updated treatment plan with the new costs and get consent before continuing with the new plan.

Will I be left with no teeth?

We usually make a denture first, then schedule the tooth extraction appointment after the denture is ready, so patients will not walk out without "teeth".

Following implant surgery, there will be short period of 5-7 days when the denture cannot be worn, as it risks the success of the newly placed implants.

Will implant surgery hurt?

The phrase we hear the most after surgery is "it wasn't as bad as I thought it would be!"

As with any surgery, there will be some mild discomfort afterwards. Very strong local anaesthetic is used and the patient will not feel any pain during surgery. Following surgery, patients are provided with pain killers and antibiotics, and 7-10 days later the stitches are removed.

How long will the treatment take?

This is a variable! Generally, following tooth extraction, there is a 4 month healing period before implant surgery can be scheduled. Following implantation, there is a healing period of 3,4,6 or 9 months before the implants are fully intregrated into the bone and the final phase of healing screws and implant restoration can take place. Dentures can be worn thoughout the whole process.

How do I pay?

The treatment plan is presented in phases and each phase is paid for seperately, for the treatment carried out that day. At the crown phase, which is 3-4 appointments, 50% the cost of the crowns is paid on the first appointment and the final 50% is paid on the handover.

0% finance is available from Tabeo finance. Conditions apply.

What guarantees do you offer?

All the implants have a lifetime manufacturers guarantee and we offer a 3 year practice guarantee on the implants, abutments and crowns. The guarantees are validated by an annual check-up on the anniversary of the fitting of the final restoration.

For more information here: Guarantee

The benefits of Budapest

Patients have the option of choosing to travel to our sister surgery, BHMS in Budapest, Hungary where significant saving can be made, if larger treatment is needed. More info here: Treatment in Budapest